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TOCA - Touring Car Championship 2

Type in TOPDOWN as your name.

     You'll hear Tiff say "Cheat Mode Enabled" and you'll have a GTA type
view available to you.

You can also try these as names:

HANGOVER            Makes Things go a Little Hazy.
REPEL               Unknown Effect.
DOUBLE              All Tracks
CARTASTIC           All Cars
OUCH                Battle Mode
RUBBER              Bouncy Crashes
MOVIE               Silly Crashes
HIGHJUMP            Low Gravity
HANGOVER            Blurred Horizon
SKINNY              Wheels Only View
SKATES              Double Speed, Brake, and Grip
TIMEOUT             Full Championship Distances
ECKLOCK             Unlock Extra Track
FASTBOY             Turbo On
MINICARS            Micro Machines Mode
TRIPPY              Psychedelic Mode
GIRDLE              Higher Decors and Walls, Side of Road Higher, 
                    Narrower Roads and Shortcomings Amplified

No Season Kick-Out
     Before you start a new Championship type POSHKID as your name, listen
for Tiff, type your driver's name in and you won't get kicked out during
the season, no matter how bad you do or what level you are playing on. If
you are re-loading an ongoing Championship just go and set up a single
race, type POSHKID as your name and ESC back to the menu, load your saved
game and away you go.